Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kitah Alef: Reb Chavah

Homework; for last week in October
Tues, Oct. 27 - page 68, trace and copy the letter dalet
Wed, Oct. 28 - page 69, find all hidden dalets and their vowels
Thurs, Oct. 29 - pages 72-73, read the story of the Dag (fish) and the Dagig (little fish)
Fri, Oct. 30 Tell story of Lech Lecha from blue Torah book.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kitah Gimel: Reb Chavah

Research Project:
Each student will pick a Mediterranean Country that has or had Jews living there at one time or another. They will research food, clothing, weddings and other life cycle customs, music, litergy and architecture.
The focus is mainly on the Jewish traditions and customs of the people they are studying. Although, where there are crossovers into the lives of the rest of the population they are encouraged to include in their findings as well.

Due date: on a Friday in November (TBA shortly)

Kitah Alef: Reb Chavah

Tues, Oct. 20 - page 63 copy and trace line 1, trace line 2-5 (no new letters)
Wed, Oct. 21 - Torah Story of Noah page 8 and 9 - tell what they see in the pictures
Thurs, Oct 22 - New Letter search page 69
Fri, Oct. 23 - read from new story books, I will decide on Friday which is appropriate to send home. We will of course read them first during the week to see which on they are ready for.

Thanks. Reb Chavah

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kitah Hay: Moreh Mitch

Homework that will tie into what Moreh Paul Social Studies class:

Complete worksheet about the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492.

Due: Friday, Oct. 16

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Reb Chavah: Kitah Alef - week of Oct. 14, 2009

Homework: all from Ariot 1 book
Tuesday, Oct.14 - sing page 46 - Shalom Gimel and page 47 Shalom Gadi V'Gila
Wednesday, Oct. 15 - page 49- writing large gimel 10x each and trace and copy lines 2&3
Thursday, Oct. 16 - page 50 letter/vowel search, color or circle
Friday, Oct. 17 - reading page 58

Friday, October 2, 2009

Science Homework: Kitah Hay

1. Read Lesson 2: "How do single celled organisms live?" page A18 - A21

2. Answer questions on page A19: #1,2 & 3 and page A21: #1 &2

3. Read lesson 4: "How are cells organized?" on page A30 - A41

4. do all "Main Idea" questions

5. answer "Review questions" on page A41: #1-3

6. Complete handout: "How are cells organized?"

ALL Will be due: October 16.

Science Homework: Kitah Gimel

Please read and complete copied pages 4 - 9; on the "sun, earth & moon".

Due: Our next class, October 15!